Yacht Rock Gose

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Often imitated, never duplicated. This is it. The original. The OG. Come sail away with Stone City's classic Yacht Rock Gose. A salted, tart-forward sour beer, this fan favourite has been seminal to the craft beer scene in Kingston since its inception. It's back by popular demand thanks to our Kingston crew who've kept the dream alive.


What You’ll Love About It

It doesn't matter if you think you don't like sour beers. Or tart beers. Or fruit beers. Yacht Rock is loved by all thanks to its ideal balance of sweet, tart, sour, and refreshing. Don't believe us? Fine, more for us.


How It's Made

This beer starts as a blend of malted barley and wheat, and is fermented with a specialty honest-to-style yeast. The orange and lime is zested lovingly by the hands of our brewery staff, and its curious twang is complimented with a hit of coriander and pink Himalayan sea salt on the backend.


Why Is It Called Yacht Rock?

This is a Stone City original, first brewed by the Kingston brewery we purchased back in 2022. We don't know why they chose to call it that, but we thought it was far too perfect to mess with.


How To Enjoy It

On a boat at 4-7° Celsius with Air Supply coating the breeze around you.


Did You Know?

We're not exaggerating - the Kingston crew zested hundreds(!) of real fruit for this beer. It took them six hours. Think of that when you're rating, Untappd peeps.