Lake Arenal Pineapple Cinnamon Sour

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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When life gives our brewmaster lemons he sells them and buys pineapple. Say Aloha to our Lake Arenal Pineapple Cinnamon Sour. Our latest fruited sour has a distinctly bright and vibrant fruity taste that is both scrumptiously sweet and tart with a tropical aroma and spicy note of cinnamon.


What You’ll Love About It

Already a big fan of our Painted Lake fruited sour series? This receives a similar dose of fruit, but in a more robust malt bill that brings us into 4.9% ABV territory. Still sessionable, still delicious, but more oomph to love.


How It's Made

We start with a malt base similar to our hazy pale ales, then sour it with lactobacillus in the fermenter. Once it's at the level of sour and tart we like, we pitch our yeast and give it some time to ferment out. After that it's a strong dose of pineapple, and for this beer, a touch of Mexican cinnamon and brown sugar.


Why Is It Called Lake Arenal?

Most of the world's pineapples are grown in Latin America with 85% of them coming from Costa Rica so we named this beer after Lake Arenal in the northern highlands of Costa Rica's pineapple growing region.


How To Enjoy It

 At 5-8° Celsius in shorts, slides, and shades while you take in the rest of summer.


Did You Know?

When Lake Arenal was expanded in 1979 the town of Arenal was relocated to higher ground. The old towns of Arenal and Tonadora now lie abandoned at the bottom of the lake.