The Big Quinte

Lager flavoured lager in a HUGE can

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Stock the fridge and the cooler. Heck, if you've got one of those novelty beer drinking helmets, stock that baby up too. This is an approachable crowd pleaser sure to be every beer drinkers next go-to. The Big Quinte weighs in at 562 colossal millilitres (19oz) of refreshing, easy drinking liquid gold. With flavour as big as the Bay of Quinte itself, this beer is malt forward with just the right amount of hop bitterness. Nothing too in your face. Just a heckuva lager-flavoured lager.


What You’ll Love About It

Is it our adherence to German Reinheitsgebot? The choicest malts and hops? Nah, it's the 19.2oz can. It's 'UGE!


How It's Made

It's an authentic German Exportbier in every way: Mostly Pilsner with a small dose of Munich and Vienna malts, lightly hopped for balance, and allowed to lager for plenty of time. 


Why Is It Called The Big Quinte?

This was the first beer made in our new Kingston facility, with the same brew team that had already been turning out incredible beers before we got there. We sent them a recipe and let them get to work, and decided it should be named after the biggest local body of water we could find.


How To Enjoy It

At 4-7° Celsius in your largest beer drinking vessel.


Did You Know?

We're the first Ontario craft brewery to use the 19.2oz can!