SITW x Beer Babes Family Lemon Blueberry Wheat

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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We are so excited to collab with Roxy, Rachel, and the entire Beer Babes Family on this release for International Women's Day 2024! They've been strong supporters of us and our Kingston brewery, and when the opportunity arose we leapt at it. Our own tapmaster, Tea, spearheaded things with the recipe, and was the head of brewing for the actual brew day. Oh, and don't forget $1 from every can and pour goes to the Beer Babes Family!

What You'll Love About It

Credit to the Beer Babes Family, because this one was all them: The wheat beer base is crisp and refreshing, a perfect canvas for the addition of a plethora of real fruit. Delicious pureed blueberries and lemons create an equal parts sweet and tart brew. It's the first beer you'll reach for on those unseasonably warm days of March & April.

How It's Made

Wheat malt makes up most of the bill here, with a light volume of noble hops to balance the fruit's sweetness. We add real blueberry and lemon purees to the fermenter, and then touch it up with a bit of natural blueberry flavour to get those juice and jam notes.

Why No Body of Water Name?

When it comes to collabs we usually let our partner lead the way on the name. In this case, our friends at Beer Babes Family wanted to let the beer speak for itself by focusing on exactly what it is: A Lemon Blueberry Wheat.

How To Enjoy It

At 7-8° Celsius you'll find the fruit flavours really blossom, in a glass that ends wider than it starts if you have it.

Did You Know?

$1 from every can and pour goes to the Beer Babes Family, who use it to provide grants for women in beer globally!