River Styx Stout (Blood Orange & Carolina Reaper)

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Darkness falls across the land. Beware the River Styx. Crossroad between the living and the dead. Downriver to a world of evil. With the midnight hour close, and ravens flying ever nearer, vile creatures crawl in search of blood orange and the bite of Carolina Reapers. This one's for the stout of heart. And a stout that'll turn heart to coal.


What You’ll Love About It

On a base of an incredible oatmeal stout we've balanced the sweet and the heat, with a healthy dose of blood orange juice and just enough real Carolina Reaper peppers to feel that burn.


How It's Made

It's all pretty normal most of the way - create a great oatmeal stout, hit it with blood orange, and let it ferment. But once it's done fermenting we do the unthinkable: Add real Carolina Reaper peppers. And we taste it multiple times a day until it's just right.


Why Is It Called River Styx?

The River Styx - also iknown as the River of Hades - was one of the Underworld's rivers that separated the living from the dead. Don't be scared, it's just the world's hottest peppers.


How To Enjoy It

Holding a cross with every light on in the house, at 10° Celsius, in an AleHorn.


Did You Know?

This beer first appeared as a single keg in our taprooms to celebrate the return of Ships in the Night. We made a single keg for each taproom that featured blood orange and Carolina Reapers, and it was such a hit we knew it needed to become its own beer.