Reservoir Series: Tortuga IPA

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Welcome to entry #2 in our Reservoir Series, our experimental series of beers: Our Caribbean island-inspired IPA using two very unique hops.


What You’ll Love About It

We were introduced to two new hops recently, similar yet different at once. Both promised a lack of harsh bitterness, and flavours and aromas best identified as tropical fruit and daiquiris. The aromas in the brewery on dry hopping day were incredible, and we think you'll find if you allow this beer time to gently warm in the sun it will continue to offer of island rhythms until the bottom of the glass.


How It's Made

This is our Hazy Maitland IPA malt bill with an entirely new set of hops. Just two, in equal parts. One so new it doesn't even have a name yet!


Why Is It Called Tortuga?

This entry is named Tortuga after the western coast of the Cayman Islands, where one might be at home in the sand with a brightly coloured drink boasting an umbrella inside. Thanks to the prominent island vacation aromas of the hops in this IPA, this was right where our mind took us.


How To Enjoy It

Start with it cold from the fridge, but allow it time to gently warm. What starts as rum and kiwis will make way to peach daiquiris and more.


Did You Know?

Rick first tried the experimental hop for this beer in a hop supplier's booth at the Craft Brewers Conference and was so enthralled he had it ordered for delivery from the showroom floor. Our Toronto brewer, Andy, calls it the best IPA of his career. Which, if you know Andy, is saying something.