Lac Fleur de Lys Imperial Saison

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Welcome to our very special final release for this week's 1st birthday: Lac Fleur de Lys Imperial Saison. We knew we had to celebrate our first year in a big way, and we left it with our brew teams to create it. Andy in Toronto zeroed in on a BIG (9.6%!) bottle conditioned saison, and Jason & Ruben from Kingston took it from there, brewing, hand bottling, and labeling every bottle.

What You'll Love About It

Anticipate an incredible, fruit forward aroma of ripe banana, mandarin oranges, Hubba Bubba Original, white pepper, and a bit of alcohol. The sip is grain forward to start, moving into banana bread, caramelized honey, and lavender flowers. A traditional off-dry finish with a warming alcohol climb.


How It's Made

ABV aside, we went super traditional with this one. Pilsner and wheat, noble hops, and a locally produced saison yeast. You, like us, may be baffled to discover there's nothing in this beer but malt, hops, yeast, and water.


Why Is It Called Lac Fleur de Lys?

We named this special beer after a little known lake in Quebec named after a well known Canadian symbol of pride.


How To Enjoy It

In a tulip-shaped glass, in a celebratory mood, somewhere between 7 and 13° C.

What's Curious About It?

While our kegged version was made traditionally, each bottle was hand dosed with a small amount of bottle conditioning yeast to allow it to carbonate naturally.