Kicking Horse West Coast IPA

An old-school IPA brewed entirely with Ontario hops.

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If you like an aggressively hopped beer with big, bitter flavour, strap yourself in for a ride on our Kicking Horse West Coast IPA. This old school west coast style IPA is a real horse kick to the taste buds for those craving an IPA like the first ones that hooked them on craft beers. It's a super hoppy beer that lives up to its namesake as it bowls you over with a volcano of citrus and pine balanced with the grainy sweet contrast of caramel malt.


What You’ll Love About It

This classic West Coast IPA is made entirely with Ontario-grown hops from the Tavistock Hop Company, who worked with us to select the right blend of four of the hops grown on their Perth, Ontario farm.


How It's Made

Our usual IPAs feature only hops after the boil to limit bitterness. This time, we were looking for that bitter bite, so we've hit this one with 60 IBUs worth of two different hops during the boil, with our usual 1.5kg per hL of dry hopping.


Why Is It Called Kicking Horse?

We named it after the Kicking Horse River in BC which boasts the biggest whitewater in the Rockies.


How To Enjoy It

Après-ski at 8-10° Celsius.


Did You Know?

This beer was created with the Tavistock Hop Company as our entry to the 10th OnHops BrewOff, an event pairing Ontario breweries with Ontario hopyards that Rick judged for five years prior to deciding to enter.



2nd, 2023 OnHops Brewoff 'American IPA with Ontario hops'