Grotto Azzurra Blueberry Italian Pilsner

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Congratulations to our "Create Your Own Beer" contest winner, Jay Mintz. Jay had the wild idea of a blueberry beer meeting an Italian Pilsner. All we can say Jay is, Bellissimo!


What You’ll Love About It

We've managed to tread the dangerous line between hoppy lager and fruit forward beer. The Italian barley offers a sweeter, more honey-like taste vs. more standard lager malts, and the Saphir dry hop is known for its berry and currant flavours. These selections have helped work with the sweet blueberry vs. in contrast to it.


How It's Made

We started out with Adriatic Coastal barley from the region around the city of Eraclea near Venice and dry hopped it traditionally with German hops. Then we blended it with blueberries for a beer as delicious as it is beautiful.


Why Is It Called Grotto Azzurra?

It's the Italian name for The Blue Grotto, a stunning sea cave off the coast of Capri in Southern Italy and one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Its name comes from the stunning azure reflection on the water coming from sunlight passing through an underwater cavity.


How To Enjoy It

Lounging outside, at 4-7° Celsius, with some lofi beats.


Did You Know?

It has been said in the past that the Blue Grotto was a refuge for devils and monsters, and one particular legend was of two priests who entered the cave to drive these devils out, only to emerge moments later in a panic claiming to have seen the devil itself. Some still refer to it as the cursed cave for this reason.