Tributary Otis Can-Am IPA

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Nothing brings people together like music and beer. With this in mind, Something in the Water Brewing and Peacemaker Brewing created a beer together in honour of a band that we both love - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. Let this be proof that two brewers, separated by a border, can unite through a love of music (and beer).


What You’ll Love About It

In the spirit of collaboration, we used proprietary hops from both regions - Sasquatch hops from Ontario and Tonatiuh hops from New York. The result is a citrusy, floral, sweet and balanced IPA.


How It's Made

The recipe was crafted over email, with us starting with our typical IPA recipe to start. Ryan over at Peacemaker requested some changes to the amounts, and the addition of British Golden Promise malt. Finally, we both agreed to add some beautiful Strata hops to the unknown local hops we were using.


How To Enjoy It

Slide on some vinyl, lay back, close your eyes, and enjoy.


Did You Know?

This was actually our second recipe, the beer was originally going to be a red IPA based on the colour of a Mexican sunset. Who knows, maybe that recipe will come back before next year's concert!