Sightseer IPA

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Harnessing the wind and setting sail has got to be one of people's greatest innovations. It's been used to expand civilizations, conquer new lands, and conduct trade. The life of a mariner has an old and rich history. A history we feel compelled to celebrate seeing as how we're Something in the Water. So avast me heartiest. Enjoy this West Coast IPA made with malts and hops from shores around the world. She won't prevent scurvy or keep you from having the swab the poop deck. But she's guaranteed to put the wind in your sails.


What You’ll Love About It

We've made a great base of a West Coast IPA, including traditional Chinook, Citra, and Cryo Citra hops. But in a loving twist, looked to some Japanese Kirin hops grown near our Kingston brewery on Wolfe Island for an additional and unexpected citrus twist.


How It's Made

From ingredients around the world: Canadian, American, British, and German malts combined with American and Japanese-via-Canadian hops.


How To Enjoy It

From the bridge of your yacht - if you have one - at 8-10° Celsius.


Did You Know?

One of the people that brewed at Stone City prior to our arrival, Rich Slade, met us for coffee to tell us about an awesome homebrew produced by our current Kingston brewer, Jason. He'd called it Sightseer as an homage to an American IPA sailing the seas to Japan. He practically ordered us to let him make it on the big system. So we did!