Red River Japanese Rice Lager

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Here’s to the Red River. No, not the one in Winnipeg. The one that flows right by our door. We brewed this beer for the river of red TFC fans that rush past our brewery on game day. For them, we wanted a beer perfect for pre-gaming. A Japanese style rice lager made with rice and buckwheat creates an incredibly refreshing beer that’s light in colour and body. While barley has a higher protein content, adding lower protein rice helps to create a crystal clear sessionable beer that pairs well with game day.


What You’ll Love About It

You know those beers you love to enjoy a few of on game day? The clear, crisp, dry, and grain-forward and straw-coloured brews made to session all day? That's what you'll love about Red River.


How It's Made

We combine pilsner malt with flaked rice to offer a crisp, dry, and sessionable lager. While many use Sorachi Ace hops in the style, we've opted for Hallertau as we far prefer the flavours and aromas.


Why Is It Called Red River?

If you've ever been in Liberty Village before a Toronto FC game you know why this beer is called Red River.


How To Enjoy It

At 5-8° Celsius before, during, or after the game.


Did You Know?

We test batched this beer as a gluten free beer. Unfortunately the ingredients to brew it that way aren't readily available in Canada yet, but this beer may resurface as a gluten free alternative one day!