Moonlight Beach Lager

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Here's one for the people. A real crowd pleaser. Who doesn't like a crisp, clean lager? Andy, our brewmaster, knows the surest means to test the measure of a quality brewery is the care and effort taken when crafting the most universally appreciated beer styles. Moonlight Beach is one of those beers.


What You’ll Love About It

We followed no style guidelines for this one, we just set out to make a lager we could call our own. The ultimate combination of ingredients comes from four different countries and fits no specific style, but those who enjoy IPAs, Helles, and Vienna Lagers will love this dry-hopped pale lager.


How It's Made

German pilsner malt and Canadian wheat for pleasant notes of crackers and fresh bread. German Hallertau Mittelfruh hops for a gentle, grassy bitterness, and a solid dry hop charge of New Zealand Pacific Sunrise hop for aromas of citrus, sweet fruit, and berry.


Why Is It Called Moonlight Beach?

It's named after a popular beach in Andy's hometown of Sudbury, Ontario.


How To Enjoy It

At 4-7° Celsius in the glass on a dock underneath 25° sunny skies.


Did You Know?

This was our first experiment with New Zealand hops.