Hazier Maitland Double IPA

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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A year ago Hazy Maitland IPA wasn’t even a thought yet, but as our first year crept to a close it was one of your faves. Seemed a no brainer to double it up and give it to the next customer.

What You'll Love About It

It features the exact same malts, hops, and yeast that we use in Hazy Maitland, but blown up to a robust 8.0% ABV. That means more Strata, Bergamot, and Mosaic to enjoy, but a completely unique drinking experience. We get aromas of Tiger Tail ice cream, dried strawberries, passionfruit, and flavours of mango lassi, orange frozen yogurt, dry gin, and strawberry candies.


How It's Made

It's literally a pumped up Maitland, with malted barley, wheat, and flaked oats for a rich mouthfeel, hot side Mosaic to bring out those desirable berry, citrus, stone fruit, and tropical fruit flavours. Then a massive dry hop hit with Strata and Bergamot.


Why Is It Called Hazier Maitland?

Stratford's Muddy Maitland has become a naming convention for our IPAs. Bring one and go swimming!


How To Enjoy It

In a stemmed glass or snifter at a lucky 13° Celsius.

What's Curious About It?

This one got so many dry hops we lost almost half of the batch to the hops!