Devil's Kettle Blood Red Ale

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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This Friday the 13th something wicked this way comes. An English style red ale brewed with rye and oats. Tawny red in colour with a caramel and biscuity marmalade flavour. We named it after a waterfall in Minnesota that plunges into a mysterious hole - the water seemingly vanishing from sight. Kinda like how our delicious beers keep falling mysteriously down your gullet. But we digress.


What You’ll Love About It

Gimmicky name notwithstanding, what you have here is an honest-to-goodness English-style red ale, the perfect beer for those brisk fall days.


How It's Made

Pretty traditionally, with pale, red, and caramel malts, and a touch of oats and rye for body and flavour. A bit of kettle hopping to balance it, and a simple English yeast strain ferments it almost clean.


Why Is It Called Devil's Kettle?

Devil's Kettle rests a mile inland on the Brule River above Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Minnesota. The eastern side of the river falls 50 feet into a pool, as waterfalls do. But the west side falls into a hole in a rock and... disappears. People have tried everything from throwing sticks to GPS trackers to coloured dyes into Devils Kettle in hopes of uncovering where the water goes to, and have failed every time. Leaving some to wonder if the water doesn't flow straight to... well, you get the point. Happy Friday the 13th!


How To Enjoy It

At 10° Celsius in a shaker pint, just after coming inside to warm up from the fall breezes.


Did You Know?

A man once rappelled 26 feet into the hole at Devil's Kettle in hopes of solving the mystery of where the water goes, only to give up when he couldn't see the bottom. To this day, while some claim to believe they've solved it, nobody truly knows where the water ends up.