Del Rio Tamarindo Candy Sour

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Say hola to our tamarindo candy fruited sour. With the taste of a sweet and sour date, tamarind fruit is a popular ingredient in our favourite Mexican candies. Mixed with sugar and chilis it creates an explosion of flavours - like a piñata in your mouth! To celebrate, we made it a beer!


What You’ll Love About It

It's a tart, refreshing, and delicious fruited sour hit with a whole mess of tamarind hand processed by our neighbours at Chiang Mai, real organic lime juice, and both salt and chili peppers from Kensington Market in Toronto.


How It's Made

We start with a base ale that we pitch lactobacillus into while it's in the fermenter. When we reach the level of tartness we want, we ferment it out, then add our fruits. Once it's finished and cold, we add our salt and chilis just before packaging to maintain that freshness.


Why Is It Called Del Rio?

Del Rio is located within a mile of the Rio Grande and the Mexican town of Ciudad Acuña, a border town that is able to offer its culture to its neighbours to the North in a way other cities can't. We felt it a great homage for our first beer based on a Mexican candy.


How To Enjoy It

Between 5° and 8° C alongside a mole made the old fashioned way for an entire Sunday.


Did You Know?

This was the first curious beer planned by our new head brewer before we opened.