Bumper Boat PB&J Milkshake Beer

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Time to say goodbye to summer. Farewell to long days and tan lines. So long deep-fried butter, carnie folk and bumper boats. And here's to one last hurrah! A white stout beer milkshake. It won't give you next year's beach bod but it will warm your cockles (whatever those are) for winter.


What You’ll Love About It

You know that little concoction called ice cream soup? Where you'd wait for the ice cream to melt, rapidly swirling it in the bowl until it was the perfect consistency to drink? This is that, in beer form.


How It's Made

This one starts life as a pale ale brewed with wheat and oats, but barely hopped at all. Near the end of the boil we add an amount of lactose that literally made our head brewer uncomfortable, but he did it just the same. As fermentation finished we added a LOT of strawberry. So much strawberry that just the fruit in this beer cost more than most of our entire other beers. Finally, some peanut butter flavouring and vanilla finish it off.


Why Is It Called Bumper Boat?

Arguably the most fun element of the summer exhibition seemed a fitting name for arguably our most fun beer yet.


How To Enjoy It

Topped with whipped cream and a cherry.


Did You Know?

We initially planned this as a series of beers, but chickened out late in the game. Don't worry, we've still got the recipes ready for next summer.