Big Waterway New England IPA #01

The first Canadian beer ever made with the Bergamot hop, nicknamed by Michigan brewers as “Orange AF”.

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When it comes to IPAs we like our beer like we like our water - BIG. No surprise then that we named it after one of the mightiest rivers we could think of - the St. Lawrence. This is our Big Waterway NEIPA. Soft and pillowy in mouthfeel, for this release we bigged up the Mandarina Bavaria hops from Germany and Bergamot hops from Elk Meadows Hops in Michigan for a veritable orange bomb in a glass. Orange you glad we made it?


What You’ll Love About It

Every iteration of Big Waterway is meant to pull something new out of the hops we use. This time around, the hops have been selected and utilized to deliver as much orange as we could fit into a glass.


How It's Made

Possibly our most elaborate, complicated, and expensive beer to make. We adjust our water to deliver that softness, keep our malt bill simple, and go heavy on the whirlpool and dry hops to ensure every single hop pellet is delivering those desirable orange aromas and flavours.


Why Is It Called Big Waterway?

At 1197 km long the St Lawrence is one of Canada's largest rivers. And at 6.6%, Big Waterway is our largest core beer.


How To Enjoy It

When you're at your most thirsty, at 8-10° Celsius.


Did You Know?

We're the first Canadian brewery to use the Bergamot hop, subtly nicknamed by Michigan brewers as "Orange AF."