Hey, thanks for your interest in becoming the Brewer here at Something in the Water! We’re Toronto’s newest brewery, opening soon in Toronto’s epic Liberty Village with a 10 hL brewhouse and a desire to bring incredible, delicious, and curious beverages to the city.

We know what you’re thinking: “Liberty Village is expensive, this must be a few suits trying to make some quick bucks off my hard-working back.”

You’re right, it is expensive. But we never wear suits, nor do we hold cushy day jobs with a corner office. You’ll be working alongside us: Steve runs the operations, and Rick is in charge of product. You’ll find both of us there on brew day, packaging day, running the taps, sweeping the floors, and filling boxes full of cans to ship to the world.

On to the details: Much like our flagship products at the LCBO, our mission is to create and curate curious beverages. Everything we sell is both a little unexpected, but makes complete sense. And people want them. Like our World Beer Award-winning Brunch Stout, made with the same ingredients you’d expect in a pancake breakfast. Or our Mexican Lime Lager, made to the traditional Vienna style, but aggressively dosed on the cold side with Ekuanot hops and lime zest. Or the beer that got us here: Lee River, delicately kettle soured and hit with blackberries and vanilla, almost like someone dropped Sweet Tarts in a Rosé wine. And we won’t stop there: Seltzers, meads, whatever. If you can dream it up with us, we’ll probably let you make it. That’s part of what we promise will make us your dream brew gig. Year one is planned out, so your job will be bringing our dreams (and recipes) to life. But after year one the handcuffs are off, and we know the right brewer will kill it here.


  • Under the direction and management of the Head of Product, manage on-site brewing, packaging, cellaring, yeast, grain, and quality
  • Management of off-site contract brewing and packaging relationships
  • Evaluation and quality control of all products produced
  • Raw material and supply ordering & inventory management
  • Production scheduling
  • Completion of brew sheets & paperwork
  • Equipment maintenance and brewery cleaning
  • Festival & event sampling
  • Execute our brand at all touchpoints at all times
  • Recruit, train, teach, guide, and retain new hires as we grow
  • Ability to work evenings/weekends when needed (but typically ~8am-4pm)
  • Other brewery-related tasks that require assistance, ex taproom & order fulfillment


  • Experienced brewing at 10 hL or larger
  • Highly passionate about brewing and adult beverages
  • Confident, engaging, and fun to spend 8 hour days with
  • Organized AF
  • Smart Serve certified
  • Valid driver’s licence & access to a vehicle is a plus
  • The heaviest item you’ll need to lift will be a ~60kg bag of grain


  • Salary will be in line with experience (range $50,000 - $70,000)
  • Lots of room to grow both individually and with a team
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Benefits package is in development for all staff
  • Perks (like beer and merch)
  • Work / life balance is paramount (we are also full time dads with young kids)

Something in the Water strives to be a fully-inclusive environment. Absolutely everybody is welcome in the doors. We do not accept discrimination from our staff or patrons. No jerks allowed.

This sound like you? Email your resume to with "Brewer Application" in the subject field.