Our Story

When something uncommonly incredible has happened with seemingly no plausible explanation, we say: there must be something in the water.

So when it came time to name our new beer company, it seemed apropos. We make curiously sour beers with just a hint of sweetness. You bet your sweet bippy there’s something in our water.


Something in the Water beer is best enjoyed with family and friends by the water.

Why else do you think we name each of our beers after our favourite bodies of water? Cottage hangs. Secret fishing holes. Creeks. Cricks. Pools. Ponds. Even charity dunk tanks. The best times we’ve had have been on, or near, water.


That’s just one reason why 5 cents from every can purchased supports clean water across Canada.

Who would have thought we would get to use ‘apropos’ twice here — and so quickly — but there you have it. Another reason for this commitment? The brewing industry uses a tremendous amount of water. And while the end result may be delicious, it means we need to do what we can to make sure there’s plenty of clean, beautiful Canadian water to brew craft beer for years, dare we say decades, to come.


We acknowledge we are swimming in a much bigger ocean.

Look. From a local brew operation such as ours, the five-cent-from-every-can thing may ultimately amount to a small drop in the bigger bucket. At least compared to organizations like Swim Drink Fish. Since launching in 2001, the nonprofit has worked to connect people with water.

They focus on water because all communities need swimmable, drinkable and fishable water to thrive. And like us, they believe everyone has a right to it.


We proudly support theswimguide.org.

What is the water quality and environment like at this beach? What is the lifestyle like at that one?

TheSwimGuide.org has got the As to all of your Qs. It is your one-stop-dock for beach and water quality information across the country.


We care about the work they do – and you should too.

Like Swim Drink Fish, we believe that every person should be able to swim at any beach without having to worry about health risks. When the connection between you and your water fades, so does your instinct to protect it.

Beach water quality is like the weather: it changes all the time. That’s why it is important to check water quality every time you plan a trip to the beach. Keeping Canadian beaches safe means keeping people and wildlife safe, too.


So that’s why we are sponsoring 10 beaches across Canada.

The more beer we sell, the more beaches we will support — from coast to coast. Which means all the more clean water experiences for you — from coast to coast.


All told, Swim Drink Fish and The Swim Guide support 8000 beaches across Canada.

Yup. And meanwhile, we’ll keep naming our beers after our favourite bodies of water. We have to. Our marketing guy said so.



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